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How To Repair a Shipping Container Door Seal/Gasket

The door seal, or gasket, of a shipping container is a crucial component regardless of what the container is being used for. The gasket seals the door completely to keep the container contents from leaking and prevent water and vermin from getting inside.

From time to time, you may need to repair or replace your door gaskets or seals. In this guide, we will focus on what you need to do to repair your gaskets. Replacing them entirely is a different procedure, where you will need to take out and install a whole new set of material, but the repair process is a little more straightforward and cost-effective.

Wear and tear will generally cause seals to break down over time. However, if your seals are tearing away, it is time to take immediate action. Here’s how to repair a shipping container door seal.

You’re going to need a sharp knife, a drill and bits, a chisel, a joint sealer and a hammer. Furthermore, this procedure will require a new gasket to make the repair.

Step 1: Removing Your Old Gasket Piece

  1. The first step you should take is to closely look at your damaged seal or gasket. Mark clearly, on the seal itself, where you need to make repairs.

  2. Once you are clear which areas of the gasket need repair, use a sharp blade to cut into your marks. You may need to use a small saw, in the meantime, to remove any remaining pieces from your marked zone. You will also need the tool to cut and remove any band strips in place. However, be sure to retain any that you remove.

  3. You are then going to use a chisel. You’ll use it to tap off any fasteners left in place, which are used to hold in the gasket.

Step 2: Inserting Your New Gasket Piece

  1. Now, you are going to need to repair your gasket system by inserting a new piece of seal into the door. Simply measure and cut a new piece of gasket material as per the section you removed earlier. Once you’re happy with what you have cut, you will need to position it back in the door with the band strip you retained.

  2. At this point, you will need to prepare your drill. Space two small holes around six inches apart on the strip and the gasket you wish to install. Drill through both pieces into the door frame. Once you have made the holes, you will need to knock the fasteners back in place with a hammer.

  3. The final step, of course, is the sealing. Use an adhesive or sealant gun, as prepared, to seal in the gasket’s available joints.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about shipping container cost and repair.

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