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Solar Powered Exhaust Vent for Shipping Containers

When modifying your shipping container, do not forget about ventilation. Vents are one of the most important items you can add to your sea can, especially if you are storing dry goods or hazardous materials.

Containers have two to four vents pre-installed, but these are designed to equalize air pressure and keep seawater out, not exchange airflow. So, when you are using a container for storage without proper airflow, condensation might build up in your can.

If condensation does become an issue, installing proper ventilation will prevent any problems in the future, such as mould or mildew growing inside your sea can.

If you need a vent that exchanges air within the container consistently, check out Container Modification World's Solar Powered Exhaust Vent. This vent will exchange the air every three minutes in a 20' container, and every six minutes in a 40' container. It will eliminate moisture and excess heat.

We recommend installing two Big Air 45 Vents in conjunction with the solar vent so there is constant ventilation in your container even when the solar vent is not in operation.

We engineered the frame so it fits around the Canada Go Green 4 Seasons Solar Vent and can be installed anywhere on the shipping container, van trailers and all-wood construction buildings.

Perks for purchasing this ventilation:

  • Ventilates up to 400 CFM

  • No On or Off switch

  • Quiet operation and no vibration

  • Anti-UV/freeze construction

  • Removable aluminum bug filter

  • Wildlife and hail resistant

  • Made in Canada

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