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The BIG AIR 45 Container Vent is engineered to be installed anywhere on shipping container side walls, end walls or doors - from floor to ceiling.

The NEW BIG AIR 45 Container Vent is engineered to be installed anywhere on shipping container sidewalls, end walls, or doors - from floor to ceiling.

► Other vent designs can only be installed right up against the top rail of containers and stick out up to 4" causing the container doors to damage the vents when they fully swing open.

► Other vent designs that protrude add width to a shack or sea can which may require the need for over width permits to transport.

The BIG AIR 45 comes with a marking guide to make cutting a hole as easy as possible! Rivets and self-tapping screws are also included (we recommend using rivets).

A minimum of two vents are required per container for temperature & moisture control in temperate climates. Four vents per container are suggested in tropical climates. For HAZMAT ventilation, two vents installed high and two vents installed low is suggested. Customer's responsibility to ensure OSHA compliance when storing hazardous materials.

Eliminate moisture and excess heat with our state-of-the-art computer-modeled design. Made with highly durable Polypropylene and Aluminum, the BIG AIR will never rust!The variables inside a shipping container are always changing. When the combination of those variables creates an environment prone to humidity, condensation will happen.

The above-mentioned variables include, but are not limited to the following:

► Humidity
► Interior temperature
► Exterior temperature
► Wind direction
► Wind speed
► Foundation
► Adequate airflow under the container
► Direct sunlight to roof
► Direct sunlight to walls/doors
► Type of contents stored
► The volume of contents stored inside